Total Cost of Ownership

Measuring the total cost of ownership for B2B programs presents a challenge for even the most experienced B2B professional. The complex and continuous nature of B2B programs results in numerous direct and indirect costs that are difficult to measure. But, in times of economic turmoil it is even more imperative that accurate analyses of total cost are provided to aid in cost-cutting initiatives.

GXS is focused on unlocking measurable opportunities to manage and improve the ongoing complexities and costs of B2B e-commerce. GXS’s TCO Advantage tool is the only proven, comprehensive methodology for identifying the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managing a B2B program in-house versus outsourcing to a managed services provider. The model is available to companies seeking to determine which path is best for their company and takes into account all costs and resources associated with B2B and provides companies with a detailed cost comparison for both avenues.

With GXS TCO Advantage you can:

  • Accurately understand and quantify your current B2B infrastructure costs.
  • Forecast future operating costs of your B2B programs and the potential savings associated with outsourcing those programs.
  • Utilise the expertise of an independent firm that specialises in building quantitative ROI and TCO models.
  • Leverage real world experience and cost insights from customers, analysts and industry benchmarks.

TCO Advantage White Paper: Understanding Your Total Cost of Ownership for Managing B2B Operations

A Comprehensive Look at the People, Process and Technology Needed to Support a B2B Supply Chain Programme

Learn how to identify the costs associated with establishing and maintaining a B2B program. This B2B e-commerce TCO guide covers:

  • Identifying B2B Roles and Responsibilities
  • Cost Considerations for Implementation Planning
  • Calculating FTE
  • The B2B Program Management Cycle, including Trading Partner On-Boarding, Map and Web Form Development, Back-Office Integration, Testing & Pre-Production
  • Ongoing Support Teams, including IT, Infrastructure Planning, Change Management and Help Desk & Monitoring

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