B2B Managed Services

What you need to know

Gain Competitive advantage. Reduce your costs. Increase customer satisfaction. You'll hear many reasons to consider B2B Managed Services. But, what exactly does it entail and can you actually achieve the benefits that vendors tell you Managed Services will deliver.

The purpose of this site is not to sell you B2B Managed Services solutions but to provide you with the information that you need to make an effective decision on whether this is the correct approach for your B2B transactions.

What are Managed Services?

Why use B2B Managed Services?

Companies report average cost savings up to 40% annually compared with providing B2B services in-house.

Where do these impressive savings come from? Take a look at the cost issues involved in using B2B Managed Services.

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Chargebacks can account for as much as 5% of Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS).

Closer integration with your customer can help you move to a demand-driven supply chain that improves customer satisfaction and gets you paid more quickly.

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Mid-sized and large enterprise manage an average of 200 trading partners. In a number of global locations.

Taking full advantage of global market opportunities takes a high degree of agility. More than this, global presence requires local capabilities.

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One third of data in the ERP systems of manufacturing companies comes from outside the organisation.

A highly available B2B infrastructure is extremely important to ERP success. Yet, it is often overlooked when planning an ERP project.

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"Enables us to meet local B2B integration requirements for businesses across the globe." — Kang Shin-Seong, Deputy President, Shinhan Bank.

Centralisation and consolidation of back office functions can bring impressive efficiency and cost savings. Things are never that simple.

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60% of banks think combining data—remittance, EDI, electronic invoicing, payment processing—is an important trend. Only 47% are pursuing this approach.

Being able to implement the latest technologies quickly can drive competitive advantage. Realising this doesn't always mean that you can do it.

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30% of companies state that a lack of skilled resources is having a negative impact on their B2B projects.

At a time when head count is carefully controlled, can you afford to dedicate resource to what many view as a non-core activity? What's the business cost if you don't?

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Pension funds aren't the only stumbling block to a successful divestiture.

The sale of a company or business unit raises major issues in terms of customer and community management and IT services for both the seller and the purchaser.

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