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GXS Customer Quotes


Reduce Annual B2B Costs by 45% with GXS Managed Services

“With a very large installed base of more than 40,000 reseller customers across two countries, it was vital for us to make a step change in terms of our capability for transaction tracking and real time monitoring, which we have been able to achieve with GXS Managed Services.”


Meeting Customer Needs with Expanded Global Capabilities

“Through collaboration with GXS, we can offer European retailers and suppliers of any size access to state-of-the-art B2B e-commerce integration services.”


Improved Speed to Response/Change for Retail and Partner Integration

“GXS has remarkable capabilities, remarkable competencies around enterprise integration.”

Land O'Lakes

Improved Operating Costs and Expanded B2B Service Offerings

“Land O’Lakes IT wanted to reduce internal costs and expand our depth and breadth of services provided…allowing us to react faster to requests from our customers.”


Reduced Integration Complexity and Enabled Price Synchronisation

“[GXS is] doing a splendid job partnering with us. Your collaborative approach makes GXS one of our Strategic Partners, and it’s a relationship worth recognising.”


Gained global B2B experts & re-focused IT resources on core business

“With GXS Managed Services, our global B2B network is now managed smoothly and efficiently, with minimal resources required to support new projects or trading partners. Furthermore, GXS was able to support the integration with our new TMS system, ensuring our B2B process is automated end-to-end.”


Accelerated revenue collection with Managed Services EDI billing

“Availability of shared capabilities reduces individual business project cycle times and cost.”

GSK - GlaxoSmithKline

Empowered business operations in 117 countries

“It is more effective and economic to build a set of scalable shared B2B capabilities than to develop capabilities locally.”  


Improved SAP integration

“Effective outsourcing makes sense as service providers have commoditised the art of connectivity and data transformation.” 


Streamlined processes and reduced costs

“The value that we’ve already derived from the GXS solution has been tremendous, and we expect that value to continue to grow as we bring more suppliers on board.”


Improved business processes and customer satisfaction

"With its strategic suite of electronic commerce products, GXS inarguably has the strongest outsourced B2B solution. Our partnership with GXS will drive our ability to respond quickly to our clients’ needs to improve business processes, by eliminating obsolete manual and paper-based elements of their payments process.

Eight O'Clock Coffee

Enhanced B2B capabilities

"GXS provides e-business capabilities far beyond what Eight O’Clock Coffee could maintain internally. As a mid-size company focused on producing and delivering great coffee, the B2B experience and expertise that GXS brings to our business has made them a trusted partner in meeting our increasingly demanding customer requirements."


Improved Customer Satisfaction

"We selected GXS Managed Services because responding to our customer’s orders accurately and quickly are of the utmost importance to our business. We looked into other solutions and even considered managing our e-commerce infrastructure ourselves, but GXS was able to provide the scalability we required with the potential to go nationwide."

RBC Royal Bank

Focus on Core Competencies

"GXS Managed Services allow us to focus on our core competency, while giving us access to world-class B2B technology and expertise. GXS enables us to provide customers with instant visibility into financial information and browser-based tools that eliminate paperwork and enhance business performance."

Bank of America Merill Lynch

Improved Time-to-Market

“When I look at the benefits of the GXS relationship, certainly time to market comes top of mind for me.”

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